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A Legend of Over 30 Years


It was 1995 a friend asked me to set up a winery, and we did it in record time. I was worried as I began because of being completely green. Nevertheless, I started with the help of many incredible winemakers and engineers. It soon got into my blood, working hard with a desire to deliver thoughtful designs to reflect best what each owner wanted.

The incredible journey I travelled in my career with many hours invested, every time I begin a winery design, I felt rejuvenated and improved. It brings the best of me, my passion for a job well done. I started Fiera Group in 1995, since then Fiera Group has completed over 200 winery designs and 77 successfully built. Fiera Group is now in a position to take on jobs considered too hard for others.

Don’t expect us to follow; we will lead in areas others won’t go; we love the environment we work in and work hard to not impact on it. Everyone in Fiera Group Australia loves what we do for you, and we design with our clients, not for them.

Our Design Philosophies


Our core design philosophy for the wineries is first and foremost to reduce wastages; wasting energy is like throwing money down the drain. Our unique Energy Pumps simultaneously capture heat and cool energy.

Less Harm

The only way forward for humanity, as we see it, is to cause the least harm to the environment if at all. Humanity depends on a healthy environment to prosper. We are the custodian for our children, grandchildren and future generations.


We respect our environment and acknowledge the need to make good use of all available resources effectively and efficiently. Only when your production is sustainable,  you can claim to be a good corporate citizen.

More Profit

Once we dotted all the i‘s and crossed all the t‘s, to make sure you will have the most economical CAPEX on your budget. When you use less production resources OPEX reduces, it puts more profit back into your business bottom line. 

Fiera Group
Winery Designers

Fiera Group in 2003 was the first in the industry to adopt a 4 pipe full plate heat recovery hydronic chiller system, set up to capture store and distribute hot and cold energy. Capturing rejected heat for the first time and developing sensible reuse principles for heat and cooling purposes.