Circular and Sustainable Wine Productions
Less Harm to the Environment, More Profits to Your Business!

Why Our Energy Pump

… it makes sense to recapture waste heat and reuse it for process heating! Less harm to the environment and more profit into your business!

Why Energy Pump

Because it is circular and sustainable, just the way you like it.
This means less harm to the environment and more profits to your business bottom line.

We don’t waste! Our circular energy recapture and reuse systems are sustainable. Our energy distribution designs have among the highest efficiency in the industry. Rejected waste heat or ‘cool’ energy is recovered for use in heating and cooling processes. This means less harm to our environment and more profits to your bottom line.

Fiera Group in 2005 was among the first to recover waste heat rejected and reuse it for heating processes in our winery designs. These hybrid heat pumps configured with chilled and hot water storage tanks improve the overall efficiency by almost double. We can simultaneously pump out cold and hot glycol, meaning we do this with one machine. We call this hybrid heat pump the Energy Pump.

Our energy pump is environmentally sustainable, and it is the correct and responsible way to use energy. The typical coefficient of performance of the energy pump is just over 11kW/kW. A standard energy pump per kW can produce 5kW of cooling and simultaneously making 6.5kW of heating water from rejected heat.

energy pump - hybrid heat pump

Our design guiding philosophies are to increase efficiencies, recapture waste heat and reuse. Reduce wastage, reduce energy consumption and increase efficiency which makes perfect sense to reduce your production operating cost and put more money back into your bottom line.

We work with clients who are good corporate citizens; clients who are mindful that they do not impact planet Earth in the way they operate. We help to mitigate carbon emission as much as possible, striving for Zero-emission.

Critical Success Factors

Ultimately, we demonstrate to our clients our focus on how to reduce waste energy and improve efficiency; which makes perfect sense to help you reduce your production cost hence enhancing your profitability.

energy pump reduce waste energy


Reduce waste energy by recapturing and reuse rejected heat which would have otherwise wasted

energy pump increase efficiency


Our Energy Pump will almost double your cooling and heating efficiency


Use less energy save more money; bottom line profit will increase

Don't Waste Energy, Increase Profit Instead!


Let Us Help!

Circular and Sustainable

Use our Energy Pump to make hot and ‘cold’ energy simultaneously.

Energy Pumps contain the traditional hot or cold waste normally entering the natural environment.

This will achieve Zero emissions.

Use less energy for production; keep more of your money as profit!