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Energy Efficient Wine Production

Fiera Group brings more than 30 years of experience offering innovative concepts in winery designs, planning, building and commissioning. Gerald has built and consulted on wineries across Australia, New Zealand, China, Chile and France. Fiera Group with Gerald’s experience ensures an innovative approach to your wine making process using energy-efficient technologies.

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Circular Energy Distribution Design

Fiera Group specialises in state of the art environmental infrastructure combining sensible and innovative reuse of energy. We capture, store and redistribute energy minimising waste.

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Quality Plant, Equipment and Processes

We design for efficient plant operation using equipment from reliable suppliers that best suit the processes. We deliver the outcome you want at a competitive CAPEX and OPEX. We know every dollar we help you to save is another dollar into your bottom line.

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Our Value Proposition

Fiera Group helps wineries to conserve energy to reduce production cost!